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Thank you for reading my page…. at the same time let me introduce myself to you and tell you how I found DXN and these healthy products with ganoderma that changed my life.


I am Eszter Nemeth. By profession I am an economist and a teacher. I worked for a multinational company as a quality

management and  purchasing leader for more than 10 years.  Although I loved my work and the company I worked for, now being a mother of three I decided to start my own business: as a beginning, I wrote and published a book about purchasing aimed to help small and medium size enterprises to increase their profit by developing their purchasing processes.  (Segítség! Hova tűnik a pénz a cégemből?)


(Currently available only in Hungarian but I am working on the English one.:) If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me. )

As one of the company leaders I enjoyed all the advantages of having a well paid and respected position. But I had to cope with all the disadvantages, too. I had to pay the price for our well being.
If you have ever worked for a multi you know exactly what I am talking about.

  • 12-14 hours work daily, sometimes at weekends and at night
  • taking responsibility for my team even if sometimes they made mistakes
  • accepting and communicating the leadership decisions to my team even if I knew that they were not always the best decisions
  • demonstrating a good example to my collegues and making them believe that there is always a good solution for the problems
  • believing in life-long learning and not thinking that I know everything
  • failing to take part at my childrens’ school programmes beacuse there was always something more important at the company
  • answering phone calls when everybody else was already sleeping
These were only some of the points that made me feel after a while that something is wrong and I have to change my life.

I was looking for something that could help people living a better life.
That was the point when I found DXN and my current sponsor. My attention was captured and I decided to scan the company and find out whether there is something wrong with it. As a former purchaser and QM leader I had some experience how to find the weak points of a company

I had spent 3 weeks reading internet articles and financials of the DXN company, opinions and experiences of others, and I was literally shoked when could not found anything wrong with it.

I read the marketing plan and I realised that there is nothing I could lose by joining them.


And I decided to start a new life.

I personally tried their products and for my biggest surprise they worked. I and my family are more energetic and healthier than before.

There were several success stories and good examples in front of me and I am now quite sure that with DXN and its products I can achieve all what I wanted before, namely:

  1. more free time with my children
  2. a healthier life
  3. reasonable financial freedom if delivering results and being not dependent on frendships

DXN products and business give solution for those who want to

  1. live a healthier life
  2. obtain a residual income
If you have any questions about my story or want to join us, please feel free to contact me.


Email: nemeth.eszter@bebestyourself.com
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Have a nice day! 🙂
Németh Eszter