Memories of the V. European DXN Leadership camp

Memories of the V. European DXN Leadership camp

  • 3 days learning
  • 3 days fun
  • 3 days extra motivation from great international leaders
  • 3 days full of good examples and ideas
  • 3 days with friends and successful people who are willing to help you
  • 3 days at Lake Balaton in Hungary, Siófok
  • In one word that was awesome!

    That’s the short summary of the V. DXN leadership camp. 🙂

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    Just go on and read my summary.

    What was really impressive for me is that there were many people in the camp who reached a high level in DXN business and still were willing to share their thoughts and ideas with us.

  • I met Fatemi Ghani, writer of the book Map your freedom.
  • I met Osler Sto Thomas the best performer ever, who became millionaire form a poor family.
  • I met László Kocsó the fastest crown ambassador in the life of DXN.
  • I also met Dr Rajes Savera and many successful people from all over the world.
  • There are many ideas and tips I could share with you concerning this camp but now I would like to highlight only three things:

    1, Leaders lead whether they want or not

    This camp was a great example of that. There are 16 Crown Ambassadors in the world and from them there were 4 in this camp. It’s an amazaing companion.
    They were participating in every event with enthusiasm and thought us in their presentations how to help other people with our products or business opportunity.

    2, Even the smallest step matters

    Do not underestimate the importance of small steps.
    These nuances can develop a big network and a great passive income.
    There were several examples mentioned in the camp. Next time you should come and hear it with your own ears. :)

    3, It is not only an opportunity but also a responsibility

  • new products will be brought to the European market this year
  • new opportunities and motivating programmes for the distributors
  • new farm in China
  • new crown diamonds will appear and many leaders will achieve a new level of improvement
  • The break though is in front of our doors. We shall not keep it in secret.
    It is our responsibility to share this unique opportunity with others.

    Come and join us on our journey to the top.

    Do you need more info?
    Just write me an email and I’ll help you on your way to be the best of you.


    Eszter Nemeth
    DXN adviser

    Would you like to know more about me and why did I choose DXN? Read my story! >>>

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