One man show or teamwork?

One man show or teamwork?

  • Getting rich as fast as possible or building a system that in the long run makes you free?
  • Working as an employee for the sake of other people’s wealth or working for your own success?

The most common questions that arise when people are thinking about their future and possibilities.

Have you ever dreamt of living a healthy and free life?


Do you still believe that you will have to work hard, you will have to work more and you will have to work smarter and better, and that will be enough to reach your aims in life?

I firmly believe that only these three things will not make a foundational difference. What’s more you will always depend on other people’ s decision that you cannot really control. If that won’t help than what could be a solution for those who still want to succeed?

Have you ever heard this saying:

‘I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort.’ /John Paul Getty/


teamwork in MLM


Many people start MLM thinking that it will make them rich and successful in a painless, fast and effortless way. They do not want to do anything but want to get everything. They join, they do nothing and they do not understand why MLM do not work for them. So soon they draw the conclusion that it’s impossible that MLM works.

I soon celebrate the first anniversary of my joining DXN, and there are three important things that I have been realised so far concerning succes in MLM business.

1, It should be rather a long term strategy than a fast life saving option.

Only those will really succeed who are determined enough to hold on. A realistic time span is about 3-5 years to reach an income that already can support your financial well-being, and about 5-6 years of work that can make you financially independent.

Do you think that it is a long time?

Maybe. But these years will in some way or other disappear. Than why don’t you spend them in a meaningful way?

2, If you do not help your team you won’t be successful.

Here is where teamwork shows up. If you are jealous of your knowledge you never be successful in MLM.

If more of us would think in a similar way on the other fields of life our world would be a happier place to live.

For me personally that was an important aspect why I chose MLM and not an other company to work for.

3, First you have to overcome your own habits and former beliefs and stereotypes.

If you yourself do not believe that you are helping people with these products and with the business opportunity they won’t believe in you.

Do not hesitate. Say hello to freedom! Join us today and change your life forever!


If you have further questions send me an email to in English, German or Hungarian.

Who will help you to change the way you live for a better one? Read my story. >>>

Have a nice day!

Németh Eszter


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